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Authorization To Dispute

Authorization Date: May 30, 2024

I, (Consumer), acknowledge and authorized the following credit service organization to dispute inaccurate or non-compliant information on my credit file:

Clear Credit Consulting
8745 Henderson Road Suite 112
Tampa, Florida 33634

(813) 851-4548

I have been provided with and signed an Information Statement by Clear Credit Consulting detailing my consumer credit file rights, including my right to dispute inaccurate information with each bureau and/or data furnisher. My provider has also disclosed my right to obtain a copy of my credit report from a credit bureau.

I am aware that I may dispute inaccurate information on my credit file without paying a credit service organization, but willfully choose to hire one to dispute on my behalf. I have signed a service agreement where I agreed to a zero-advanced payment to the provider, Clear Credit Consulting , until work described in the agreement is completed.

I am also aware that my provider has registered and/or obtained all necessary documents, registrations, bonds, if required, and met all requirements to offer credit counseling services.

My address:

My SSN: ###-##-  

I hereby authorize Clear Credit Consulting to obtain credit report(s) from any consumer/credit reporting agency for disputing purposes on my behalf. This authorization is valid for 2 years from the signed date, or upon the termination of my service agreement with Clear Credit Consulting , whichever is sooner.

I hereby authorize this investigation.


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